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Life Planning with Got – Gone!

One of the first exercises in Life Planning work on the in class is called “Got-Gone”. We are looking at the activities we engaged in during the last year and putting them into a Ben Franklin type T-chart. Once side is a list of activities that gave us energy, one side is a list of activities […]

Mental Pinball

  I met with a client recently who was grappling with the following issues: 1.      Wanting to refinance her mortgage to roll in current debt so could streamline her cash flow. 2.    Could not do her refinance until her taxes were completed. 3.    Could not complete her taxes until her business books were done (by […]

Energy Suckers!

Marcey Rader, a lifestyle coach, attended a recent class. Marcey is an amazing person in many ways.  She is an endurance athlete, and a fitness / productivity coach. She specializes in working with professionals that spend a great deal of time traveling. (You can be amazed by her experience by reading her meet me page) […]

Enjoy life and See What Happens!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”   Dr. Seuss I received what I thought was the greatest compliment a few weeks ago. A good friend said “Jerry, I don’t think I know anyone that enjoys life as much as you do!”   […]

Be the Best You Can Be!

My goal is to be the “best Jerry I can be.”  I feel off when I do not have a coach. I do not feel I am producing at my “best or highest level”. This is important to me! ·        A coach provides this focus.  ·        A coach is an outside view, someone well versed […]

What is a Satisfying Life?

I have been engaged in helping people discover this for themselves since 2007. I think it’s an interesting question. I am also a financial advisor. I have been working with individuals since 1993 assisting them in having their finances support the lives they would like to live.  So, what is a satisfying life? For me […]