Life Planning with Got – Gone!

One of the first exercises in Life Planning work on the in class is called “Got-Gone”.

We are looking at the activities we engaged in during the last year and putting them into a Ben Franklin type T-chart. Once side is a list of activities that gave us energy, one side is a list of activities that drained our energy.


We then discuss the list and look for trends or items of interest. The idea is to spend as much time as we can engaged in “Got Activities” those that give us energy, and as little in “Gone Activities” those that sap our energy.

Pretty simple, right?

I have been teaching one and three days versions of the class based on the book, “If your life were a business, would you invest in it” by John Eckblad and David Kiel, McGraw/Hill 2003 since 2006 or so. In that time I have become pretty clear on my Got’s and my Gone’s

For me, teaching the class and coaching participants on the work is a one of my biggest GOTs! It is what we call an illustration of my “motivated talent”, something that is natural for me, I love to do, and I get great energy and satisfaction from engaging in this activity. Thus, I try to do this as much as I can.

Where Life Planning Comes In

So, here comes the rub. I love teaching the class, talking about the class, coaching people on the methodology of the class! However, I really dislike marketing the class, working to “fill the seats” etc. I really, really, really do not enjoy this one bit! (Hmm that sounded a bit Dr. Suessian!)

I do enjoy writing articles about my experiences with this work, both my own experience (like this) and things I learn or observe during class or in coaching clients. That is a GOT, it is fun, interesting and inspirational.

This complete class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.

Thanks for reading!!

Jerry Bergner


Jerry Bergner is a productivity and life satisfaction coach based in Durham, N.C.  His company is Integrated Life and Financial Planning.  Jerry has been coaching since 2008.  His sweet spot is working with business owners and salespeople to assist them in focusing on the activities they enjoy and love to engage in while increasing their results and overall satisfaction at the same time.   Contact Jerry to book a consultative strategy session to learn how he can help you work toward your goals.

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