Portfolio Review

Are you taking more risks than you have to?

An investment portfolio review can be as important as an annual physical or even an oil change for your car. But why should you review your investments?

Well, the world changes, and if something was a good idea today, it might not be a good idea tomorrow. A periodic review of your assets is important. Life has unlimited and unpredictable variables and investment markets change. Even if you have bought high-quality mutual funds or other investments.  Even the best investments need to monitored to see if your portfolio needs rebalancing.

We’re not saying you’ve made a mistake or that another financial planner has made a mistake. but the does change world change and so do financial situations. And it’s important to be on top of your investments and if that means a change in strategy, we’re here to help you do that.

It is important not to change allocation strategies on a whim or based on emotions. The  financial markets can play with an investor’s emotions.  If you alter your allocations with every turn in stock prices, it is like not having a strategy at all. In our policy to be unemotional with investment. We do not need excitement with your finances and using time-tested methods is an part of our work with you.

ILAFP know that investment portfolio reviews can be stressful. But it’s an important step in preparing for your family’s financial future. Together we hope to bring new clarity to your financial portfolio each year. Always optimizing and refined, but never reacting.

During investment portfolio reviews we aim to also help you realize your goals for the future. Are you where you want to be? What if something changes? Can we survive a crisis?

If these you are questions that you are currently having about your finances, we recommend scheduling an investment portfolio review.

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