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A Note from Jerry About the Book, If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest In It?

I first participated in a program taught by David Kiel, one of the authors of If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest in It? in December, 2005. This workshop fundamentally changed the way I think about my life and my finances. It greatly affected the way I engage with my clients, how I live my life, and how I look at most everything I do (and don’t do!)

Since that time, I have worked closely with John Eckblad (the other author) and his business partner Vic Cocowitch, to adapt the methodology of their Life Business™ program into a One-Day Workshop. I have also integrated the principles throughout all of my speaking, training, and coaching. I am grateful for their insight and especially their support, and I highly recommend their book to my clients. While the book is out of print, you still can purchase it directly from the author by clicking here. Read more about the book below, or click here to read an excerpt.

About the Book

How to run your life like a successful business and find true fulfillment

Through their popular Life Business Program workshops and seminars, John Eckblad and David Kiel have helped thousands of individuals across the United States and Europe get their lives on track using tried and true strategies borrowed from the business world. In this book, they describe their original 13-step Life Business principles and techniques for renewing, refocusing, reforming, and remaking any life. Their basic philosophy is simple: we can learn much about how to live happier, more fulfilling and productive lives by following the examples of successful businesses.

Combining the best features of self-help, personal finance, and business strategy, this book shows readers how to:

    • Identify what they really want from life
    • Develop a clear plan for achieving goals
    • Secure the financing needed to make dreams come true

Structured around the annual business planning cycle—the same process that successful businesses use to create, build, and maintain their futures—If Your Life Were a Business provides readers with concrete steps for achieving quantifiable life results.

About the Authors

John Eckblad, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist and creator of the Life Business Program, which has helped thousands of individuals, in the United States and Europe, to develop focused and vision-based life plans.

David Kiel, D.PH. is an experienced organizational consultant and has taught management courses at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the University of South Carolina.

Rave Reviews for If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest in It?

“If Your Life were a Business ….is a deeply reflective AND practical guide. It has a significant ROI for you and all the stakeholders in your life!”—Charlotte Roberts, co-author with Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline Field book, and Co-author of The Dance of Change

“An easily digestible guide which affirms the messages of the heart, packaged in the language of the marketplace.”—Peter Block, author of The Answer to How is Yes, Stewardship, and The Empowered Manager

“The Life Business metaphor is transformative. Thinking ‘cash flow’ rather than ‘wealth creation’ has changed our family’s approach to our life, our money and our giving.”—Peter Tavernise, Executive Director, Cisco Systems Foundation

“Memo to leaders, managers, and business people: If you want to lead your life as consciously and creatively as you manage your business, you should read this book.”—Jeffrey L. Moe, Ph.D., Director, Health Sector Emerging Issues and Development, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

“Drs. Eckblad and Kiel’s book teaches you how to take charge of the most essential aspects of your life. Its practical tools and clear concepts will help you to align your behaviors with your values, and put your efforts where your heart wants you to go.”—Wayne and Mary Sotile, co-authors of The Resilient Physician and Marriage Skills for Busy Couples

“I have spent thirty years coaching physicians on how to balance their lives, yet felt some integrative money-value homework was missing. John and David’s book is that super glue.”—John-Henry Pfifferling, Ph.D., Director, Center for Professional Well-Being



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