Financial Planning Services

Jerry Bergner offers financial services that can simplify and focus the path through many important life transitions.

To Jerry, that is what financial planning services are all about. Helping clients have the big picture view assists them in having the information they need so they can make informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their lives.

Whether it is planning for retirement, buying a new home or changing careers, Jerry wants to help you.

During your initial consultation, Mr. Bergner will discuss your goals and objectives.

This information helps Jerry determine if the financial services we provide will be of a higher value to you than your financial commitment to us.

Please Jerry  for an exploratory consultation.

The financial services below represent our financial planning and management processes.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the traditional term used for planning for financial independence. Learn More

Portfolio Review

Many financial professionals have their own style and way that they like to create a portfolio. For us, it’s about how it’s best for you, not us. We will work to ensure your greatest peace of mind. Learn More

Cash Flow Planning

When people say cash flow, they often mean budget. We don’t want to keep you on a budget. We want to help you understand how you’re bringing money into your home and where it goes from there. Big difference. Learn More

Asset Allocation

Numerous academic studies have shown that the most important part of an investment plan is the establishment of a detailed asset allocation policy. Learn More

Planning & Creating Goals

Goal planning involves identifying and prioritizing our goals. Most people have more goals than they may even be aware of. Learn More

Education Planning

With ever increasing tuition costs, saving for education is becoming a much more difficult endeavor. For those saving for your children, grandchildren, or your own. Learn More

Estate Planning

Estate planning is less about one’s death, and more about the disposition of one’s wealth during life and after death. Learn More

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

For many people, this is the most difficult area to get a handle on. It is relatively easy to identify your income. Learn More