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One of the most inspirational parts of the Life Business™ class is the writing of our future visions.

By this point in the class we have identified and done some detail work on listing our “portfolio of businesses” (A Life Business™ is a cluster of activities that can be grouped together into a theme. For example you might have Life Businesses™ around your health and fitness, your job or work, your relationship(s), children, or perhaps a hobby as in my Life Business™ Shop by the Stream.

The future vision is a document in which each participant has the opportunity to let their imagination go and write about what the successful development of their Life Businesses™ might look like.

Plan Map

The reading of these visions by each participant is an inspiring moment. We have all heard the background of each person during the first part of the class as well as the lead up to this future vision. It is quite moving experience to listen to the power and clarity of each statement.

The question then becomes, how do I achieve what I have written in my vision.

Plan start now

Well, lets be honest, first you have to have the vision!

  • Do you have yours?
  • Is it clear and written down?
  • Is it a vision that inspires you?
  • Are you willing to invest your time, your money, and your energy in making sure it takes shape?
  • If not, do you think that it might be a good idea to create one ?
  • If you do have a vision, and you are invested in fulfilling it, stay tuned for my next article.

If you would like to learn more, create your own “portfolio of Life Businesses™” and a future vision worth investing in, I invite you to explore the online version of the class.

This complete class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.

Love to hear you comments or questions!

Jerry Bergner


Jerry Bergner is a productivity and life satisfaction coach. His company is Integrated Life and Financial Planning.  Jerry has been coaching since 2008.  His sweet spot is working with business owners and salespeople to assist them in focusing on the activities they enjoy and love to engage in while increasing their results and overall satisfaction at the same time.   Contact Jerry to book a consultative strategy session to learn how he can help you work toward your goals.


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