Asset Allocation Planning / Investment Planning

  • “Create a plan that will illustrate a high probability of creating the cash flow you will need so that you can live live as you choose.
  • Understand the return you will need to have your plan work.
  • Invest in an allocation that historically has provided the return your plan needs.
  • Do this while exposing you to the least amount of risk and still be in a position to gain the return you need”

           – Jerry Bergner

In Jerry’s experience, the use of asset allocation planning models or modern portfolio theory, is the most efficient  way to manage investment portfolios.

When to start Asset Allocation Planning and Investment Planning

Your investment plans could benefit from careful examination if:

● You have not reviewed your investments or portfolio in the past year .

●  Your financial goals or needs have changed since your last asset allocation review.

● There are funds in your portfolio bought more than ten years ago.

● The investments underpinning your pension are not considered in your investment strategy.

Asset allocation is a multi-stage process.

  1. First we will agree upon the details of your plan and the target return needed to support that plan.
  2. We will then recommend an asset allocation mix (ratio of stocks to bonds) that has historically provided the return needed to match the plan.
  3. Once completed, will review the history of this portfolio mix so you can understand its past performance.
  4. How did it fair during market drops, corrections, large market declines ?
  5. How did it perform during bull markets?
  6. Your understanding of the history of your investment plan is most important.
  7. Knowing what to expect, and avoiding being caught of guard, is the best defense against making bad investment decisions.

Let us help you stay the course for long term success.

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