Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Risk management and having the right insurance can mean the difference in the security of your families future. There are numerous risks that can wreak havoc with the best laid plans. At Integrated Life and Financial Planning, it is our job is to help you identify these risks and discuss ways to mitigate the risks. Insurance is the answer for many risks, but it is not always the answer.

Have you ever wondered?

  • What would I do if I have an accident, become disabled and can’t work?
    • How will I replace a loss of income?
        • How would I pay the bills? Make the monthly rent or mortgage loan payments?
        • Buy groceries?
        • Make the car payments?
        • Provide for the children’s education?
        • Save for retirement?
        • Die unexpectedly
    • What happens if I die unexpectedly before my financial potential is fully realized?
        • How will funeral expenses be paid?
        • Where will the funds come from to pay debts?
        • Where will the money come from to provide for the children’s basic needs and education?

We owe it to our loved ones to take the right steps and be prepared in the event of an unforeseen situation. The last thing we’d want to do is place a great burden placed on a surviving spouse who is ill-prepared for the sudden financial burden of raising children on his/her own, which can ultimately affect the quality of life of the children. Any of these situations could jeopardize your best intentions.

Most of us strive for the right balance between the ability to live with a certain amount of risk and the confidence we may or may not have to replace or minimize the impact of loss. Insurance planning can help you deal with the unexpected life events that affect your financial well-being. Insurance can keep you financially secure and provide you with peace of mind. We can work with you to understand…

    • Survivor Income Needs
    • Capital Needs
    • Estate Liquidity Needs
    • Buy-Sell Analysis
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Income Protection
    • and Long Term Care Plans.

Risk management and insurance planning can be a critical part of your financial plan. Most people don’t even realize that the risk of becoming disabled, permanently or temporarily, at some point in their life after the age of 40 increases dramatically and the chance that you might become temporarily disabled for 90 days or more prior to age 65 is 43%. (Source: 2004 Field Guide, National Underwriter)

As a part of your overall strategy, Integrated Life and Financial Planning can help you determine if insurance is necessary and, if so, how much insurance is needed to protect your wealth.

Located in Durham, NC, Integrated Life and Financial Planning is an independent financial services firm founded by Jerry Bergner, AAMS CMFC.   As a Durham, NC-based Financial Planner, Jerry’s mission is to help you achieve the life YOU envision.  His mission is to assist you in supporting the life you envision for yourself and those you care about. If you need help in clarifying that vision, he can work with you on that as well! Book a consultation meeting today.