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Our Clients

Our clients are different. At Integrated Life and Financial Planning, we embrace knowing that you are different. As we have been working at what we do for many years, we have identified a very specific person who is drawn to our methodology. Who are our clients?

                    • Our clients want more out of life.
                    • Our clients identify with people who excel beyond the norm.
                    • Our clients are the analytical types and don’t necessarily need to dig into the nitty gritty of the extraneous stuff but they do need to understand why things work the way they do.
                    • Our clients have the desire to figure things out and they’re more about the how than the what
                    • Our clients  like to turn theoretical concepts into real-world applications.
                    • Our clients are creative and have a keen ability to be mechanically inclined.
                    • Our clients love to listen and are amazing problem solvers.
                    • And like no other, they are incredible leaders.

If you can identify with this, we’d love to explore the opportunity to speak with you to see if our philosophy matches yours.