Energy Suckers!

Marcey Rader, a lifestyle coach, attended a recent class. Marcey is an amazing person in many ways.  She is an endurance athlete, and a fitness / productivity coach. She specializes in working with professionals that spend a great deal of time traveling. (You can be amazed by her experience by reading her meet me page)

She recently posted a blog on her site regarding her experience in my class entitled “Energy Giver vs. Energy Sucker”

It begins like this…


I was recently in an amazing course led by Jerry Bergner called Life Business.  If you are local to the area I highly recommend it.  One of the things we looked at were the tasks, events and people in our lives and asked ourselves if we were getting energy from them or having it sucked away.  Most of what I wrote was not surprising but it was interesting to see how many activities and people both gave and took energy from me. Here are some of those things I’m willing to share:……… read the rest of the post on her site here.

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