What is a Satisfying Life?

What is a satisfying life

I have been engaged in helping people discover this for themselves since 2007. I think it’s an interesting question. I am also a financial advisor. I have been working with individuals since 1993 assisting them in having their finances support the lives they would like to live.  So, what is a satisfying life?

For me it looks like this:

·        Waking up in the morning excited for what the day will bring.

·        Looking forward to the opportunities that will arise and curious to see how I will deal with them.

·        Knowing I will have ample opportunities to perform at my highest and best level. For me that is assisting others in finding a similar place for themselves.

·        Having a vision of how I want my life to proceed, and using that vision to filter “opportunities”. I am therefore able to avoid distraction and time wasters that come along. They do not fit into my vision, so I caste them aside.

·        Surrounding myself with people who support me in “being the best Jerry I can be”.

 The beauty of all this is that it is an ongoing process. It will develop and change as things in my world change, my visions develop, and my opportunities expand. It is a great & enjoyable adventure.

The class I offer,based on the book “If your life were a business, would you invest in it”, by John Eckblad & David Kiel, teaches the methodology I use to create these results.

I invite your feedback and comments, and questions.

What would a satisfying life look like to you? 

What would your list look like?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.

This complete “CEO of Your Life” class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.



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