Be the Best You Can Be!

My goal is to be the “best Jerry I can be.”  I feel off when I do not have a coach. I do not feel I am producing at my “best or highest level”. This is important to me!

·        A coach provides this focus.

 ·        A coach is an outside view, someone well versed in the methodology of success.

 ·        A coach can hear you, understand what you want to accomplish, and assist you in seeing a clear path.

 ·        A coach is not caught up in “your stuff”.

 ·         A coach can see the forest for the trees, and thereby help you to do the same.

 Do you know of a top athlete that does not have a coach?  The coach is not necessarily better at the given skill than the person being coached. (Think sports coaches) The coach possesses the ability to bring out the best in the person being coached. That is what the athlete is looking for.

 I have 3 coaches!  Three different purposes.

 ·       A business coach, Earl Hadden

 ·        A Business/accountability coach, Ben Quinn

 ·        A fitness coach/trainer, Dr. Stewart Peters.

 They all work with me on different things.  You can count on that there is no way I would exercise as hard and productively if I did not have the guidance and the “whip” of Dr. Stew at my workout sessions. He accepts nothing less than my best efforts!

 Dr. Stewart Peters is the owner and manger of Active Life Concepts. Active Life Concepts is a Chapel Hill based company geared toward helping people of all ages and abilities improve their overall health and wellness.  Dr Peters is a Licensed Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Certified Cross Fit Instructor, and US Marine.

Ben Quinn, my accountability coach and I talk weekly. We know and understand each others big picture goals. We support each other in getting our weekly commitments accomplished. It is important when choosing an accountability partner to choose someone you respect, and to whom you do not want to say “I did not get it done”.  Small bets can be helpful as well J.

 Ben Quinn, MBA is the founder of FarmBlue Ventures is a North Carolina based business coaching and consulting firm that uses innovative and flexible business growth resources to help organizations launch, grow and achieve their vision.

 Earl Hadden and I meet weekly for 3 weeks out of the month. He helps me stay on track for my big picture business and work/life goals. He has a unique perspective and I get at least one actionable idea at each meeting with him. This really helps me stay focused on the big rocks, and spend most of my time working on the things that are most important and produce most of my results.

 Earl Hadden is one of the founding members of The Small Business Success project. Their mission is to become the go-to resource for small to mid-size businesses looking for advice, guidance, and counsel for starting and growing a business.

 So, why use a coach?

As you can see I have many reasons. The bottom line is they motivate and support me in being:

 “the best Jerry I can be”.

best you snoopy

 What does your support system look like?

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.

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