What’s the greatest Investment that Tony Robbins and Warren Buffett says YOU should make in YOUR life?

Warren Buffett is famous for being one of the most successful investors in the world and is today worth around $75 billion. Tony Robbins is a world-renowned author, speaker and peak performance strategist that started out as a janitor washing his dishes in a bathtub because he didn’t have a kitchen..*

What do these two legends say was one of the most important investments they made in their life?

A seminar.

Not stocks, not bonds, not real estate.  A simple and life-transforming seminar.

According to an article in CNBC, both of these legends made an investment very early in their lives by signing up for a seminar that opened up their minds to new ideas and strategies, and gave them the tools they needed to catapult their lives in a new direction.   

Robbins took a $35 seminar at the age of 17 to learn from personal development coach Jim Rohn. Buffett at the age of 20 took a public speaking course from the Dale Carnegie institute to get over his fear of speaking.**

Robbins says in his book “Money: Master the Game,” that the Jim Rohn seminar helped him to stop focusing on what was outside of his control and taught him to focus instead on what he could control. “That one course gave me clarity about what I could do with my life going forward. I could improve myself; I could find a way to serve, a way to do more, a way to become better, a way to add value.”  And that is exactly what Robbins has done for the past three decades.

When was the last time YOU dedicated several hours to your personal development and reflected about YOUR life?  

Often we are so busy on the treadmill of life that we don’t stop to investigate whether we are even on the right treadmill!  Your personal breakthrough might be right around the corner.  Jerry Bergner, founder of Integrated Life and Financial Planning, has now create the online version of his “CEO of Your Life workshop.”

This workshop takes you through the first 8 steps of the book “If Your Life Were a Business, Would you Invest In it?”  By the time the class is over, you’ll have a blueprint of your ideal life that you can start to embark upon immediately.

This guided workshop has helped more than 6,000 people in 6 countries. Companies such as Shell Netherlands, ICI (UK), AstraZenaca, Procter & Gamble, and British Petroleum have made Life Business™ a vital element of their management programs.

Should You Register for the CEO of Your Life Workshop on June 17th in Durham?

This course is right up your alley if you are:

  • Uncertain about what the TRUE driving force is in your life
  • Living for others and neglecting yourself
  • Ready to make more money!
  • Unsure why you don’t have more money left over
  • Looking for better opportunities for you and your family
  • Trying to figure out where to start
  • Working hard, creating success on many levels, but wondering what is next
  • Fearful that if you leave your current situation you will not find something better, so you stay where you are

What You Can Expect in this 1-Day Workshop:

  • Discover your values and your purpose
  • Create a vision for how you want to live your life
  • Determine what activities create the most energy & satisfaction
  • Learn to say no to distractions and diversions that are not aligned to your values or purpose
  • Identify what you love to do, are really good at and what gives you the greatest joy
  • Determine which ventures you want to start, and which of your current ventures should be put to rest
  • Develop an action plan that can guide you toward a more energetic and satisfying life


This class is offered online so that as many people as possible can experience what live audiences have experienced.   Register today and get started right away discovering your purpose and mission in life. 

About the Instructor:

Jerry Bergner is a teacher, trainer, problem-solver and brainstorming junkie who loves to coach people both personally and professionally as demonstrated in his financial management career over the past 22 years. His passion is helping people to find their true path by understanding that there are opportunities to change their lives in an uncomplicated way when they decide to.

Jerry lives his life according to this program. He’s been a financial planner since 1994, and upon discovering the book in 2007, he invested hundreds of hours into refining the program and the workshop–with the full consent of the authors. If you want to talk to Jerry about this course or coaching, please call (919) 864-2772 or book a time in his calendar.

Jerry Bergner is a productivity and life satisfaction coach. His company is Integrated Life and Financial Planning.  Jerry has been coaching since 2008.  His sweet spot is working with business owners and salespeople to assist them in focusing on the activities they enjoy and love to engage in while increasing their results and overall satisfaction at the same time.   Contact Jerry to book a consultative strategy session to learn how he can help you work toward your goals.


*, **http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/07/tony-robbins-and-warren-buffett-recommend-this-investment.html


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