Focus II: Course Corrections

In the last few weeks I have been talking with a lot of people who are trying to focus on achieving some important goals.

I think we all know how challenging this can be.

Think of a big goal you have wanted to achieve. Perhaps you made some New Years Resolutions recently? How is that going ? Did you get sidetracked, hit an obstacle, forgotten all about it? It seemedcourse-correction-ahead so clear and important at the time. It is so easy to get off track.

I like the analogy of the airplane flying cross country, say from RDU airport in NC, to LA. (I live in Chapel Hill, NC)

How often do you think the plane is “on course”? My understanding is that it is almost NEVER! (All you air traffic controllers out there feel free to comment!).

The flight is a constant series of very minor course corrections!  And, guess what? The plane does make it to LA! The plane is not deterred by realizing it is off course, distracted, blocked by negative thoughts etc (fill in your favorite stopping points here ________).

Your path to your goal is the same as the flight plan of the plane. Break it down into small, measurable, manageable steps and then work through them 1 at a time, making course corrections as needed.

Make sure to congratulate yourself as you work your plan through each milestone! Rewards are important!

I welcome your comments or thoughts!


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