Daily Focus

daily focus

Recently I have added a lot to my plate in terms of projects and work I am attempting to accomplish.

  • Creating a learning management system to allow people to interact with the Life Business™ class and follow up programs online.
  • Changing my website to a membership site to allow levels of access for the class work, coaching work, coaching client pages with a history of their assignments etc.
  • We just sold our house (after 1.5 yrs on the market) and will be moving out by March 1
  • Continuing to work on my more than full time job as a financial advisor.

A lot of things to juggle and get done to say the least. I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed!  So walking into the office one morning early last week, I found myself talking to myself (a pretty regular occurrence) I was saying, “So Jerry, what would you tell a client who felt this way?”  Nice! I asked the right question. The answer is as follows:

  1. Take 5 minutes when you first sit down to start your day. Review your todo list. (You have one right?)
  2. Write down the 3 most important things you want to accomplish before lunch.
    1. So what does that mean. How do I decide?
      1. Which tasks, if you completed them, would make you feel:
        • A personal sense of accomplishment.
        • A feeling of satisfaction, knowing you competed a task that is “on purpose” towards you ultimate goal.
        • Something you KNOW you need to do, but keep putting it off.
  3. Get to work and work your plan!
  4. When you get back from lunch, do the same process
    1. Review your AM list.
      1. Did you get the 3 items done?
      2. If so, move on and create a new 3 item list.
      3. If not, integrate your items left into a new 3 item list.
  5. Get to work!

Since that morning, not only has my productivity increased dramatically, but I feel better, have a clearer sense of being, am more relaxed, and generally just feel good that I am getting my “stuff” done.

This complete class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.





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