Why I love Life Business™

The Life Business™ program is based the book “If your life were a business, would you invest in it?” by John Eckblad and David Kiel.

I am fortunate to be able to work with both John and David on an ongoing basis. From my first 3-day class in 2005 (which David led) to my recent work with John refining the 1 – Day class that I currently offer, it has been a wonderful journey.

John has introduced me to the term “motivated talent”.  I really like that expression. It really fits for me in my work teaching the class and coaching people through the steps. When I am engaged in this work I feel I am working at my highest and “best” level. I compare it to “being in the zone”. It is sort of unconscious, you don’t actually think about what you are doing and how you are performing, your attention is elsewhere. I find that this is the level at which I do my best and most fulfilling work.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a class participant the day after he had attended the 1- day class. He experienced a major breakthrough in his relationship with his money. He is retired, and in his head he felt like he should not be spending any of his “retirement savings”. He was trying to live on his social security and pension income only, but it was not enough. Every time he had to tap into his retirement savings it create upset for both he and his wife. (His wife because HE was upset). When we met after class, we walked through his income, expenses, assets and saw that he could comfortably take money out of his retirement savings at a certain rate, and know he would be OK.

This was a huge realization for him. As he thought about the things he could do, especially taking trips with his children and grandchildren, his face lit up. We set a follow up appointment for he and his wife to come back in as soon as possible so we could review all this with her. It was wonderful and inspiring.

One of my main ” Life Businesses™” is called “The Simple Life”.   It is about making my/our life as simple and satisfying as possible. In its current phase we are focused on getting our home ready to sell. We live in Chapel Hill, NC and our 5 children have pretty much flown the nest. Our plan is to now downsize, move a bit out of town (read out of Chapel Hill City Taxes) and find a smaller, friendly place to live. This week has seen a major milestone reached as we have completed the first wave of “De-cluttering”, emptied out the attic, cleaned the house from top to bottom (mostly my wife Crystal gets the credit for this) and had someone do a complete yard clean up! (The neighbors probably think someone new has moved in!) I have been stuck on this one for a while, and seeing this progress is quite exciting. Another related Life Business™ is “A Shop by the stream”. I will write about that next time.

Life Business™ is all about understanding your relationship with your time, your energy and your money. Unlike tradition planning, it is not focused on accumulation, but on making sure you have the cash flow to do the things you want to do, as you want to do them. It is a great and very liberating way of thinking.
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If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.

This complete “CEO of Your Life” class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.

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