A Path to Productivity



For some the word productivity brings on thoughts along the lines of budgeting, dieting or exercise. Perhaps they are worthwhile ventures, perhaps the result is something they want to achieve.

In my experience, most people stop at the prospect of some type of behavior change.

The goal does not seem doable, or the path seems so difficult, so filled with obstacles, that frustration sets in before make much, if any, progress is realized.


They get offered a great looking desert. (Well if I am going to eat a piece of cake, might as well eat the whole cake! or at least another piece.

Or, as they ponder the change they are looking to make all sorts of “reasons why not” come to mind.

They may feel they are too busy to tackle the task of working on their goals objectives.

Or now is just not the right time.

I have too much on my plate.

Or…. Fill in your favorite here __________________________.

These thoughts create feelings of frustration, inadequacy, along with other basically negative feelings.

(What are you thinking now? Are you thinking back to the last time you tried some kind of change?)

Here is a hint… Notice if you are feeling critical of yourself and your “efforts”.  The key word in that sentence is Notice. Observe yourself and your reactions. Are they helping or discouraging you?  (We will get back to this later).

I have a slightly different perspective on the word Productivity.

My definition revolves more around the feeling of satisfaction and how to create that feeling.

When I am engaged in the tasks that are leading me on a pleasant journey down the path of my vision, life is good.

That is the productivity I endeavor to engage in, and the productivity I teach.

When you engage in the activities you love, that use your abilities to their highest levels, you feel good, get more done, enjoy your work, people want to be around you. Thus, you repeat and engage in these activities more often!

Voilà , productivity has increased!

So now you may be thinking, “That is all well and good Jerry, but I __________________________________________________ (fill in the blank with your consideration or the obstacles that come up for you here).

How can I engage in activities that create satisfaction for myself daily?

Well, in my experience the answer is you might consider this exercise as a journey. This is not a “quick fix” but a process, or journey that begins with looking at what you do all day.

This is the first step along the path that will lead to a crystal clear vision of a future that will inspire and motivate you to continue along this new path.


So, you might be wondering, How do I get started on this path. I think this might bear exploring?

(I am so glad you asked!)

To get you started I am happy to share the first exercise to begin your journey.

Here is a link to an excel worksheet that you can use to look at the activities you engage in on a daily basis.

  • The idea is to just make a list of all the things you do.
  • Some you do daily, write those down. (be as specific as you can).
  • Some items you do periodically, write those down as well.
  • When you feel your list is completed, let it sit for a day or so.
  • Review it a few times and make sure it is complete.
  • If you are in doubt as to whether you should include an activity, the answer is yes. Write it down.

Now this is just step 1. There are more steps.

I am not trying to be secretive, but this process works best if you don’t know step 1a as you are doing step 1.

In the excel sheet you can download, there is an instruction page, followed by the actual worksheet.

  • In the instructions, you will find my email address.
  • Once you are finished with step 1, send me an email. (My info is in the excel sheet you can download above)
  • I will send you step 2 😊

If you would like to share your work with me so that we can collaborate on this work, and comment back and forth, let me know and I can send you a link to the same worksheet as a google document.

(If you have a Gmail address send your request via that email… that works the best with google docs, but is not necessary).

This can be the beginning of a wonderful, very satisfying journey for you.

It would be a  pleasure to be able to assist you in creating the results you desire!

Jerry Bergner

If you are interested, here is a link to explore the online class the flows from this first exercise.

Jerry Bergner is a productivity and life satisfaction coach. His company is Integrated Life and Financial Planning.  Jerry has been coaching since 2008.  His sweet spot is working with business owners and salespeople to assist them in focusing on the activities they enjoy and love to engage in while increasing their results and overall satisfaction at the same time.   Contact Jerry to book a consultative strategy session to learn how he can help you work toward your goals.

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