6 Places to Find College Scholarships

Trying to find a free scholarship that your child qualifies for can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.   Even if you do find some possibilities, understanding how to fill out the application can be challenging.  However, if you put the time into it and methodically go through the 6 options below, you may just find the money you are looking for.

Here are 6 Places to Go to Find Free Money for College

1. Start at Your Child’s High School.  The guidance counselor, admissions officer or AP teacher at your child’s High School knows your child well in terms of what sports and activities/organizations they are involved in.  They can recommend appropriate organizations that offer scholarships that match your child’s profile.

2. Ask Your Employer.  Parents can ask their employer if they have a scholarship or tuition assistance program for employee’s children.  Talk to your Human Resource department to find out the details.

3. Talk to Service Organizations.  Many organizations like the Elks, the Rotary Club, and the Masons operate in towns across America and offer national and local scholarship opportunities.

4. Do well on the PSAT.  PSAT is also a way to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. If your child gets a competitive score on the PSAT, he or she could qualify for a variety of scholarships, from $2,500 awards from the National Merit Scholarship programs to much larger scholarships from corporations or specific colleges.

5. Search Online.  Start with the Sallie Mae’s scholarship search tool, which is user-friendly and free. Also check out tools at Scholarships.com and FederalStudentAid.  Other websites include www.petersons.com, www.unigo.com and www.fastweb.com.

6. Look for backyard scholarships. Check out alumni clubs, community groups and religious organizations, which are all potential sources for what’s known as backyard scholarships. While these scholarships have smaller prizes, they are often the easiest to win and add up quickly.

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