About Jerry Bergner, AAMS CMFC

Creating Purpose-Driven Lives Worth Investing In

Jerry Bergner is the founder of Integrated Life and Financial Planning. The organization is his vision of how best to prepare your financial future. Jerry is a speaker, trainer and financial planner dedicated to helping people  create purpose-driven lives that are worth investing in.

Jerry pulls from his diverse background. After attending University of Vermont, he started his career as a carpenter and furniture maker.  Eventually establishing and running a successful construction company, Renovation by design, Inc. in Concord Massachusetts.

In 1993, Jerry moved to North Carolina and entered the financial services industry. As a financial planner since 1994, Jerry skillfully and passionately directs clients seeking to grow their wealth while allocating their resources to the outcomes that matter most to them.

Today, Jerry Bergner pulls the best pieces of his business life together. He helps clients not only construct their financial health, but also their life fulfillment.

Jerry combines personal coaching with financial planning, helping his clients create realistic and comprehensive life plans that focus their time, energy and money into the areas that bring them the most satisfaction and reward.

Jerry makes presentations regularly to associations, corporations, educational groups,  and senior centers. Some of the esteemed groups include Duke Olli Program, the Public Library System, and UNC Wellness.

“I see career and life as intersecting circles.

My vision is to help your circles converge for maximum overlap!”

Jerry Bergner

On the Personal Side of Jerry Bergner

If you were to ask Jerry what he does, he might tell you as much about his personal life as his professional success. For Jerry, life and work align About Jerry Bergner Financial Services Familyseamlessly, and no conversation is complete without mentioning both.

Jerry is proud to say “I have a beautiful wife named Crystal, and am a proud member of the ‘I married way over my pay grade’ club. They have five wonderful children, Nicole, Laura, Clarissa, Alex and David. as well as two much loved sons-in-law, Michael and Eric.

Crystal runs a home boarding pet care company. That means we always have an extended family of critters around the house all the time.

Jerry knows to take care of your life you need to take care of yourself, so he is attends cross-fit 3x weekly.

He enjoys reading mystery novels and hobbies like playing blues guitar and woodworking. His happy place is the beach and taking walks in the woods with  Lambchop the family pup.

Crystal and Jerry love music. They were frequent visitors to the former Six String Café in Cary’s McGregor Village. Now you can find them enjoying good tunes at other acoustic venues in the Durham NC area.

Jerry applies the his approach to his own life as well!  Jerry spent a few years making furniture in his early 20’s. He promised himself that “when he was a Grandpa” he would have a wood shop of his own. Well, while not blessed with Grandchildren (so far) Jerry is well underway in the construction of his hobby business, “Shop by the Stream”.  This is much anticipated return to creativity and hands on work.  Below are some photos of Jerry’s early construction and furniture projects.