Public Speaking & Training

Jerry is an engaging public speaker, trainer, and coach who helps corporations, associations, and individuals create purpose driven lives worth investing in. Jerry teaches from the Life Business model—customizing the topic to your event or business needs. The result is life-changing and effective—as participants learn how to manage their lives as if they were businesses. Jerry’s programs are perfect for:

    • Companies interested in targeting employees in their areas of strength, while helping them balance their long-term goals with their current job roles. Research shows that those leaders who invest in their employees’ personal and professional development are more apt to build engagement and loyalty.
  • Organizations interested in providing members with tools to better align their careers and professional goals—creating highly functional plans to achieve greater work-life fulfillment.

Jerry Bergner LifeBusiness Coach and MentorAs a public speaker, Jerry offers presentations ranging from one hour keynotes to full-day workshops. Clients utilize him for conference breakouts/keynotes, lunch and learns, leadership and employee training, community events, and more. Contact Jerry today to discuss speaking for your group.

Jerry also offers public speaking workshops in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC to become introduced to the Life Business process. Click here for a schedule.

Life Business™ Process

Participants in Jerry’s programs will learn to apply the Annual Business Planning Cycle to their own lives, treating each area of their lives as if it were a small business. Below is an overview of Jerry’s main topic, which can be delivered in forms ranging from one-hour to a full-day workshop:

Jerry’s Most-Requested Topic: “If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest In It?”

Based on the book of the same title, Jerry delves into an exploration of where we put our energy, and how we can view each of these endeavors as “life businesses.” If we want to align to our most authentic goals, what must we adjust in our allocation of time, money, and energy in order to feed our dreams? If we want to be more effective in living our lives and engaging in our careers, how can we simplify and streamline so we are investing only in the “businesses” that will provide us with the greatest ROI? Once we identify these areas, how can we create a plan that works? As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Become equipped to act in their areas of strength and passion for greater results.
  • Become more efficient with their time and resources and more fulfilled and focused in their work.
  • Learn to analyze where they are spending their valued time and resources and readjust—prioritizing their most meaningful Life Businesses.
  • Pinpoint their goals which are most consistent with their fundamental values.

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