ML 15

” When I dare to be powerful.. to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid!”

      ~ Audre Lord


I would like to offer some of my skills and abilities to the group.

I am a coach.

For the past 8 years I have been teaching a class and coaching clients in the area of:

Creating a vision for their lives,
and then living into that vision.

(hmmmm Sounds kind of familiar eh?)

I also teach productivity to jibe with the idea above….

If you would like to explore my classes, please feel free.

You can register and work through this classes
with no charge using the code below:


We all have a lot on our plates. This is the gift of ML.  Welcome.

I have been giving thought to how I can offer service to the group. I have come up with this.

I would like to offer a one hour conference call to the group as follows:

1 hour prior to our team call on Sunday  nights for the remainder of ML

So it would be 8 – 8:55 pm on Sundays.

As we are also in training for many Sundays, on weeks we have Sunday training I would move the call to the prior Thursday.

(You don’t have to remember all this. I will set up an automated email to remind you the day prior :-)

To subscribe to that email service please click the button below:


That’s me with the tiger by the way!

Since there are so many exceptions, here is the call Schedule:

Thursday 7/20    7:00  pm (I am at Graduation this Sunday )
Tuesday   7/25     7:00 pm  (Ropes Course on Thursday/Class Sunday )
Sunday     8/6       8:00 pm  prior to group call
Sunday     8/13     8:00  pm Prior to group call
Sunday     8/20     8:00  pm Prior to group call
Sunday     8/27     8:00  pm Prior to group call
Sunday     9/3       8:00  pm Prior to group call
Sunday     9/10     8:00  pm Prior to group call
Thursday  9/14     7:00  pm (Class on Sunday )
Sunday     9/24     8:00  pm Prior to group call

Ta Da  Completion weekend 9/29/17

I would suggest the topic of this call be a mix of:

– Support in our enrollment process

– What we are confronting as we progress through this course,

– Sharing of some productivity and time management tips that I use my self and teach my clients.

My goal is to create this as a safe space for us to support each other in moving through our breakdowns in enrollment and overwhelms, share victories, ask for assistance.

Attendance is strictly voluntary.

You can join in any time the line is open (8 pm to 8:50) and of course leave any time.

This call is only for the 14 members of our current ML group.


My being in such a way that it opens a new possibility in someone’s listening such that it touches, moves, inspires them to take committed action, to move forward in life.  And, enrollment is always about being in service! You are always enrolling someone, or someone is enrolling you!

If you would like to talk further about this at any time, please feel free to set a time for a phone call, coffee or lunch.  I would be very happy to share more with you!

If you would send me a reply when you have the time. Let me know if you think you would find value in this.