8-week LifeBusiness Workshop

Create a More Satisfying Life: 8 Week Virtual Class

The 8-week virtual class covers the same material as the 1-Day Workshop

Features of the 8-week workshop:

                • The class is held via phone conference call.
                • The class is held during the evening to allow people who work full-time to attend.
                • The students are given 12 hours of class time.
                • In the 8 week class we will be focused on discussing the exercises completed during the previous week.
                • Students will be responsible for completing the next exercise in between classes.

Some Important Information:

                • There are exercises you will receive after registration. These are to be completed prior to the first class.
                • After each class the next set of exercises will be made available by email/link for download.
                                • If you would prefer a printed workbook, it can be shipped to you at a cost of $ 25.00.
                                • Your workbook will be shipped on the business day following receipt of your payment.
                • Classes will be recorded (audio only) and will only be made available to class participants and will not be used for any other purpose.
                • If you miss a class, you will be able to listen the recording so you will not miss any work in this way.
                • By registering for the class, you give us permission to record the sessions for use as stated above.
                • The course instructor will be available to answer questions via email during the week between classes. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours (except on rare occasions).

The tuition for the 8 week class is $ 495.00.

Please feel free to contact the instructor  if you have any questions at all.