Full-Day LifeBusiness Workshop

Create a More Satisfying Life in 1 Day

Stop choosing between Financial Security or The Life You Really Want! You Can Have Both!

What is The Life Business Workshop?
The Life Business Class is an eight step workshop that helps you to discover your real values, passions, purposes, and create the vision for your ultimate life in a take-home workbook you can always refer to after the class is over.  The class is done in an expert facilitated one-day session, in a guided group workshop format.

If Too Many “What If’s” Are Holding You Back In Life, This Is For You!
Are You…

                            • Uncertain about what the TRUE driving force is in your life?
                            • Living for others?
                            • Ready to make more money?
                            • Unsure why you don’t have more money left over?
                            • Looking for better opportunities for you and your family?
                            • Trying to figure out where to start?
                            • Working hard, creating success on many levels, but wondering what is next?
                            • Fearful that if you leave your current situation you will not find something better, so you stay where you are?

What’s Included in the Workshop?

The Life Business™ Program is a guided workshop based on the book by the same title. It has helped more than 6,000 people in 6 countries from all walks of life. This one-day guided workshop based on the book covers the first 8 steps to designing the life you really want – by treating your life like a business.

After Your Enroll

Check your email for your registration confirmation. It will include all the pertinent information about pre-workshop preparation, printing your tickets, check-in times, how to get to the class, parking, the workshop agenda, and more.  You’ll receive an email with instructions in order to get started immediately.

Breakfast & Lunch 

In the morning you’ll be treated to coffee, tea and some snacks, and for lunch you’ll have a great meal that will keep creative juices and inspiration flowing. (We’ll be in touch about lunch options.)

Receive An In-Depth Workbook That Is Yours to Keep

We’ll bring the supplies that will be used to create your vision, uncover your truth, and record your insights and plans.  During the class you’ll create a blueprint of your ideal life and you can refer to it when you need to, for as long as you like.

Post Class Student-Only Pricing for Personal Coaching

The final five steps of the program, should you wish to conquer them, are completed in two, one-on-one sessions with your instructor. During those sessions, you’ll go over your finances and create a plan that’s aligned with the life plan that you just created.

What Do You Need To Bring?

A positive spirit, a willingness to live a happier life and the desire to write down answers, insights, goals, and declarations. If you bring the commitment to yourself, we’ll bring the secrets and shortcuts needed to succeed. In fact, when you enroll, you’ll get to download the pre-workshop Insight Questionnaire to find immediate insight and discovery, getting you ready to build your Life Business™ before you even show up (The final five steps are optional, and conducted in two 1-on-1 sessions with me. These 2 sessions are included in the price of the workshop.)

About Your Instructor

Jerry Bergner is a teacher, trainer, and creative problem solver who loves to coach people both personally and professionally. His passion is helping people to find their true path by understanding that there are opportunities to change their lives in an uncomplicated way when they decide to. Jerry lives his life according to this program. He’s been a financial planner for many years, and upon finding the book in 2007, he invested hundreds of hours into refining the program and the workshop.

“As one of the few Life Business™ Planners in the world who is endorsed by the program/book’s authors. I have worked closely with them for several years, sharing both feedback and input, to strengthen the workshop and bring the teachings to as many people as possible,” said Bergner.

Take a day and look back on the activities you engaged in during the past year.

              • Recognize the activities you engage in that are the most satisfying for YOU!
              • When you engage in these activities you feel like you are doing the things you enjoy the most, feel like you are using your skills and abilities to their most productive ends!
              • Recognize the types of activities that sap your energy, that are unsatisfying!
              • Create a plan and vision for your life that includes engaging more frequently in your most satisfying activities, and reducing, if not eliminating your most unsatisfying activities.
            • That is living your life like the most successful businesses run their businesses!

If this sounds appealing to you, register for the next 1 – Day Class and learn to implement this strategy in your own life!

Start living your dream life – realistically and authentically – in just one day! No more choosing between financial security and the life you really want…You CAN have both!

Meet Jerry Bergner (that’s me on the left!), your Facilitator

Watch as Jerry Bergner explains the Life Business™ principles

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Workshop

Q: How many people have taken this workshop?

A: Over 300 in the last six years.

Q: Am I the right age for Create a More Satisfying Life in 1 Day?

A: We’ve had students in their 60s and students in their teens. Age is just a number!

Q: I’m just a mom/retiree/college student. This isn’t for me, right?

A: Create a More Satisfying Life in 1 Day is not about what you do, it’s about the quality OF that time.

Q: I’m not an entrepreneur, so how can I run my life like a business?

A: Create a More Satisfying Life in 1 Day shows you how CEOs approach business management. A degree or entrepreneurship is not required! No matter who you are, if you want a life full of passion and purpose, then you’re right for this workshop.

Q: I’m not ready to work on my finances yet.

A: That’s okay. Create a More Satisfying Life in 1 Day is dedicated to the first eight steps of the Life Business™ program. The final five steps cover finances, and that portion is done in a 1-to-1 setting that you can decide to schedule when you are ready.

Q: Can this workshop be done for our company with our internal team?

A: Absolutely.

Currently there is no live class scheduled.

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