How The Life Business™ Approach Truly Changed My Life!

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Based on the the book “If your life were a business, would you invest in it?” by John Eckblad & David Kiel (McGraw-Hill), This class covers the first 8 steps, which will lead you to discovery of your passions and purpose.

Life Changing Event from the The Life Business Approach

Here is what a past participant sent to her friends to let them know about this class and her experiences:

Executive Summary:

WHAT: A pitch for Jerry’s amazing class.

WHY are you sending this to me: Because this approach truly changed my life (couldn’t come up with a less cheesy way to say it – sorry!) and I believe in promoting businesses with products that rock.

WHEN: Next class is offered: Saturday March 22nd. Yep, an entire day. You’re worth it!

WHERE/HOW/HOW MUCH: Click Here:  (scroll down past the pricing section for all the info)

The Long Version:

I’ve been working with “Coach Bergner” for almost a year now (started with this 1 day class last April) and here’s my big “ah-ha!”: I stopped beating myself up about what I’m “supposed” to be doing and started letting what I want to be doing drive the conversation.

From a blue-collar mid-western family, I have a hard-earned bachelor degree in accounting and a CPA license (in two states! ooo-aaahh); I’m “supposed to” climb the corporate ladder and maximize my earnings on each rung. And I was doing just that for years and while not exactly miserable, I was numb for sure.

Now I’m building a business that makes me want to get out of bed and get cracking each and every day…no joke. That’s huge.

I’m still utilizing my supreme bean-counting skills, but it’s in a direction I never would’ve seriously considered a year ago (if you’re curious, stay tuned on LinkedIn…changes coming soon!:)

Won’t claim that it’s your new cure-all, but if it sounds interesting to you, take a day and go to the 1 day class.

Best case scenario: you’ll write an email similar to this one a few months from now, cringing at how infomercial-esque it sounds, but you’ll send it to folks anyhow because you’ll be so excited.

Worst case scenario: some dusty neurons will fire up because you’ll learn something new and you’ll spend a day focusing on YOU…not a bad worst case, eh?

Sara Shelp, Controller | Finance Accounting Manager | Consulting | Audit | CPA (Licensed in North Carolina and Colorado)

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This complete “CEO of Your Life” class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.




Energy Suckers!

Marcey Rader, a lifestyle coach, attended a recent class. Marcey is an amazing person in many ways.  She is an endurance athlete, and a fitness / productivity coach. She specializes in working with professionals that spend a great deal of time traveling. (You can be amazed by her experience by reading her meet me page)

She recently posted a blog on her site regarding her experience in my class entitled “Energy Giver vs. Energy Sucker”

It begins like this…More Halloween Clip Art Illustrations at http://www.ClipartOf.comwas recently in an amazing course led by Jerry Bergner called Life Business.  If you are local to the area I highly recommend it.  One of the things we looked at were the tasks, events and people in our lives and asked ourselves if we were getting energy from them or having it sucked away.  Most of what I wrote was not surprising but it was interesting to see how many activities and people both gave and took energy from me. Here are some of those things I’m willing to share:……… read the rest of the post on her site here.

Love to hear your thoughts!


Enjoy life and See What Happens!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”   Dr. Seuss

I received what I thought was the greatest compliment a few weeks ago. A good friend said “Jerry, I don’t think I know anyone that enjoys life as much as you do!”   It made me feel very happy to know that this comes across to others.

Luke and I had just had an early morning coffee meeting, and then he followed me to a business meeting we were both attending. As I pulled into the parking lot I spotted 2 adjacent spaces. I pulled into the left hand side, so Luke had to pull in to the right of me.  Here is what he saw:

Yes, I drive around in a light blue Mini Cooper with a life size sock monkey in the passenger seat. And yes, he is wearing his seat belt! Safety First!!

I love the reaction he gets. It makes me happy and makes me smile. It makes other people happy. People mention it all the time. They take pictures of it. Kids love it! But, I did it because I brings out the happy child within me and does so on a daily basis. What a great result :-)

Now I have a pretty serious job. I am a financial planner (20 years and counting) and I coach people on business and personal development (7 years & counting).

I can be serious and very focused/goal oriented as needed. But!, my clients know exactly how I am. I do not pretend to be any other way. They enjoy me because I am just the way am, good at what I do, caring about their results and their lives, and I can lighten it up and makes jokes along the way.

Clients often comment at the end of meetings that they had never thought that financial planning could be fun, or make them feel good about things!

So, what is the point of all this. Dr. Seuss I feel says it all in his 5 Rules to live by: (I often wish I were Dr. Suess! Now that would be some fun)

5 lessons in life from Dr. SeussBe the best you can be. Keep working at it all the time. Let it flow from you as it naturally will. You will find yourself doing the things you love, enjoy, and are really good at. Now that will make you happy! And you know what, you will be motivated to do it more! It is a wonderful cycle.

If I can be of assistance in anyway, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.

This complete “CEO of Your Life” class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.


Top 3 Reasons Your To-Do List Does Not Get Done!


It’s Monday morning. You are starting your week and staring at your to-do list. (You do have a to-do list don’t you??) If not, put making one at the top of your list.

You look at the items on your list and you think:

A.    Sweet, look at all these great things I have to accomplish today. I am really going to enjoy and feel great accomplishing all this wonderful stuff!
B.    Hmmmm, this stuff was on my list last week and I did not get it done. Maybe I will get it done this week.
C.    Golly Gee, where did all these things come from, and who made this list? I don’t remember any of these things!
D.    No way I will ever get all this done! I may as well

  • Go watch TV
  • See what’s in the fridge.
  • Go play in the ___________ (your favorite distraction entered here)

 E.    B,C & D.

If like most, you selected B, C , D or E, you are not alone. In my experience working with clients I have found that for most of us, a to do list is a to-do in and of itself! Frustrating!

If you selected A, you can stop reading and get to work on your list!, or feel free to read along with the rest of us!

Ok, for those of you still reading, here is what I have discovered:

Top reasons To-Do lists do not work:

  1. You put things on your list you just do not want to do!
  2. Your list is a mish-mash of too many item requiring a behavior change in too many areas to accomplish.
  3. You have no drive to get the items done!

My approach to making all this work is as follows:

  1. Put aside some time, at least 15 -30 minutes where you can sit quietly, comfortably, and not be interrupted!
  2. Imagine yourself 90 days from now (I find this is a workable time increment, but change it if you must)
  3. Pick one area of your life, work, personal, relationship etc.
  4. Think about a result that if achieved, would leave you feeling really amazing! You can imagine it, feel it, put yourself in the place of having accomplished it!  (Make sure it is a SMART goal)
  5. Take 5 minutes to write a note to yourself about this goal/vision and how it will feel. Why it is important, why it will make a difference. Keep it short, to the point and simple.
  6. Now re-read your goal.  Still feel good? Then you got it. If not, re start at #3 above.
  7. Now, with your goal/vision in mind, on a separate sheet of paper work backwards and write down the steps you need to take to achieve the goal.
  8. Keep the “to do list” and the vision list separate!
    1. You want to read your vision daily, before you look at your to do list.
    2. Then let the vision drive the selection of your action tasks for the day!

This is a simplified version of the methodology I offer in “The CEO of your Life” class. based on the book, “If your Life were a Business, would You invest in it?”.

This complete class is now offered via self paced, online access. If you would like free access to this class, just follow this link.

If you would like to explore creating some of these results for yourself, feel free to use my online schedule to set a time for us to talk.


Jerry Bergner